Your chance to influence the reading schedule – my gift for the New Year.


Still on for tonight

For those willing to brave the “Chi-beria” experience, we will be meeting tonight.  PLEASE do not feel you need to come out after work if you are already home and warm.  I will miss you, but I’d prefer to have you safe and sound and available for next month’s author visit.

I’m here all night though, so if you have any questions please e-mail me at or give me a call at the desk 847-448-8620.

Important News


The Center for Economic Progress will be using the 3rd Floor Seminar Room from January 28th – April 15th in the evenings for Tax Prep help.  This means we have to meet elsewhere in the library.  Here’s the schedule of rooms for those meetings:

January 28th: 3rd Floor Conference Room West

February 25th: 1st Floor Community Meeting Room (for Laurence Gonzales visit)

March 25th: 3rd Floor Conference Room West






A holiday present for you all

THE NEW CALENDAR IS UP!!!!  If you go to the Calendar tab you will see the schedule for the next 6 months.  It is slightly different than what I’d told you at the last meeting, but isn’t that half the fun?!  I just wanted to point out that Laurence Gonzales WILL be joining us in Februrary, so that’s super exciting.  And starting Friday the 27th, I’ll be back to blogging about our next book.  Thanks for the break and I hope you have a truly happy holiday.

Book Discussion on Storm Kings

Book Discussion on Storm Kings

Mar 20, 2013

Prairie Lights Books

Lee Sandlin talks about his book, Storm Kings, in which he recalls the beginnings of modern meteorology and the study of tornadoes throughout the American Midwest. The funnel clouds, given the moniker, “Storm King” by the region’s early settlers, attracted scientists that included the United States’ first meteorologist, James Epsy. The author reported on several of the nation’s most destructive tornadoes and the scientific gains made to inform the population of potentially dangerous storms. Lee Sandlin speaks at Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City, Iowa.