Clark Rockefeller and BLOOD WILL OUT w: Walter Kirn

Clark Rockefeller is discussed with writer Walter Kirn in this uncensored interview that examines Kirn’s fascinating book, BLOOD WILL OUT. After befriending “Clark Rockefeller,” Kirn continued a beguiling association with the man who was eventually revealed to be a rural German nobody who reinvented himself and moved to America, where he would murder a couple and kidnap his own daughter. The ruse, psychology, and the killer’s Hitchcock inspiration are explored in this fascinating Media Mayhem interview.

A 1983 graduate of Princeton University, Walter Kirn has published a collection of short stories and several novels, including Thumbsucker, which was made into a 2005 film featuring Keanu Reeves and Vince Vaughn; Up in the Air, a feature film directed by Jason Reitman; and Mission to America. In 2005, he took over weblogger Andrew Sullivan’s publication for a few weeks while Sullivan was on vacation. He has also written The Unbinding, an Internet-only novel that was published in Slate magazine.
He has also reviewed books for New York Magazine and has written for The New York Times Book Review and New York Times Sunday Magazine, and is a contributing editor of Time, where he has received popularity for his entertaining and sometimes humorous first-person essays among other articles of interest. He also served as an American cultural correspondent for the BBC.
In addition to teaching nonfiction writing at the University of Montana, Kirn was the 2008-09 Vare Nonfiction Writer in Residence at the University of Chicago. He received his A.B. in English at Princeton University in 1983, and obtained a second undergraduate degree in English Literature at Oxford University.


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