Six Million Dollar Conman

After four decades, America’s most notorious conman has been caught. His arrest unraveled a shocking and extraordinary story of multiple identities and deception that stretches from a Bavarian village to California, where, in January 2012, he was charged with murder.

With exclusive access to many people that knew him at each step of his journey, this True Stories documentary paints a portrait of the man who started life as Christian Gerhartsreiter, a poor country boy from a tiny mountain village in Upper Bavaria who pursued the American dream for years in order to reach the upper echelons of society, ending up as Clark Rockefeller.

He became a banker, a socialite and a member of one of America’s richest families, married to a successful businesswoman and living in a $2 million townhouse, with a country estate in the grandest part of New Hampshire.

Documenting the many lives of one man, capable of astonishing deceit and manipulation, the film has access to the FBI, police detectives, former friends and key players close the case.

Six Million Dollar Conman unravels Clark Rockefeller’s story, bringing to life his motivations and interior world, and his elaborate and fantastical confection of lies and fake identities.

This is a gripping and revelatory account of the most complex con America has ever known.


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