Bill Browder Interview at Rhodes House in Oxford

1: Introduction and Sergei Magnitsky’s Discovery of a 230m Fraud – 0:00.
2: “This is not 1937”— Or is it? Sergei’s Resistance – 17:24
3: The Aftermath — a Posthumous Trial, an Interpol Red Notice, and a Kremlin Cover-up – 27:10
4: The Magnitsky Movement in the US and Europe— Lawmakers vs. Administrative Elites and Banking Interests – 33:10
5: Bill Browder — Shady Past or “Private-Sector Police Man”? – 43:50
6: “The Sopranos” State and the “Other Russia” – 49:00
7: The Ukraine Crisis — What does Putin want? How should the West respond? What about the “nuclear card”? – 57:33
8: Remembering Sergei and Q&A – 1:02:25


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