Agreement on the Congo

March 4, 1908

Brussels, March 3-

It is announced that King Leopold and the Belgian Government have come to a complete agreement on the question of the annexation of the Congo Independent State. The agreement was made possible by an important concession by the King, in consenting that the Parliament have control of the Congo budget. In addition, the King gives to Belgium the magnificent domain of the Cape Ferrat in the South of France reserving for himself the use of it, however, during his lifetime.

The Government on its part agrees to proose that the Chambers vote a special fund to carry out certain undertakings in the Congo and in Belgium, which will not exceed $12,000,000 and at the same time a special annual credit of $600,000 will be included in Congo budgets for fifteen years, for the construction of hospitals and other institutions.

It is expected that the annexation treaty in its new form will be presented to the Chambers on Wednesday or Thursday next. It was stated late to-night that the Official Gazette would publish shortly a royal decree abolishing the crown domain in the Congo Free State.


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