I debated including this…

In 1903, Thomas Edison attached electrodes to Topsy the elephant and executed her via DC power.  Part of this scientific process was filming this to prove that DC power was “more humane” and “less dangerous” than AC power.

The film still exists and is available on YouTube.  Instead of adding the video right to the post, as I normally do, I’m only going to add a link to the video.  That way you can choose to watch it, or not.  There are certain things you can’t “unsee”, so if you are a hardcore animal lover, I’d suggest not clicking the link.  If you are curious, by all means, go watch it.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll see if you are having a hard time making up your mind.

“The scene opens with keeper leading Topsy to the place of execution. After copper plates or electrodes were fastened to her feet, 6,600 volts of electricity were turned on. The elephant is seen to become rigid, throwing her trunk in the air, and then is completely enveloped in smoke from the burning electrodes. The current is cut off and she falls forward to the ground dead.” (www.imdb.com)


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