Shameless self-promotion

Final Logo I’m sure I’ve mentioned that the library is hosting a year-long remembrance of WWI.  I’ve coordinated the program with the Evanston History Center, and we are super excited about it.  Dark Invasion is actually one of the first programs in the series and I want to thank you all for being my guinea pigs.  Also, there is a “community blog” dedicated to the program.  By community, I mean it includes voices from ALL the employees at both institutions (not just me).  You can find it at  I think there is a lot of information on there that directly relates to our book this month, and it is interesting overall if you don’t know that much about the Great War.  

So I invite you to check out the blog, in addition to the program as a whole.  Thanks and I hope to maybe see you at some programs. 

– Kim


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