Interesting Psychology Lecture on Patient H.M.

In this PSY 1000 presentation, I introduce Henry Molaison, better known for decades as famous amnesic “Patient HM.” Henry passed away December 2, 2008 after a lifetime of being studied and cared for by researchers like Dr. Brenda Milner and her graduate student, Dr. Suzanne Corkin, who proceeded to work with Henry for the last 50-some years of his life. He generously and kindly donated his brain to science and it has been under the care ever since at The Brain Observatory at UC-San Diego and Dr. Jacopo Annese, the Director of that center. I describe and show much footage of this “Project HM” and the other remarkable work being done by Dr. Annese and share the story of how he and I met and subsequently became friends while he was hunched over this famous brain for 50-some straight hours removing 2,401 slices while about 100 million other people and I watched him, live, on the Internet with our jaws in our laps!

From YouTube Channel


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